How to use Keycards

The concept of finding a key or keycard in the item giver seems so cool, and then once you looked through devices you found nothing to unlock using the keys, there is an item called “gate console” that has the icon to turn on and off, but alas, that does not seem to serve as a function in it’s settings.

So how do you do it then?

Step 1: Place a zone or button
Step 2: Place a “checker” and wire it to your zone or button
Step 3: Set the settings in the checker to [(object) greater than 0]
Step 4: Place a barrier in the doorway you want the player to access.
Step 5: Wire the checker to the barrier
Step 6: Change the settings in the wire to [(player Pushes button / enters zone) - (Deactivate barrier)]

If you did this correctly, it should look like this

And when you walk up to it with the key or keycard of your choice or interact with the button, the barrier will disappear and you can walk right through.

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Temmie, to improve this guide, maybe you could add some more pictures along with the instructions?
And there have been some guides on this before, make sure you put down this was in my own words or somethin’ like that…

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uhh, just saying, this is a VERY simple guide, and almost all people know how to do this

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I think it’s fine! If you wanted to make sure you did it correct just look at the picture.

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(Alt account Tem_Shop) I know it’s simple but I’ve seen people ask this ALOT! “How to make a door open when I push a button” is a real question I have seen! Sometimes this is all you need to spark creativity and ideas into a gimkit project.

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I should make a better guide then this, shouldn’t I? Also it’s just a small simple thing for people who need it.

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