How to use a popup

I need help with call to action. How do I make a banner that you can talk with?

Could you elaborate?

You need help on finding the call to action setting, or understanding how it works?

like this

Do you need help on figuring out how to do that?

yes with the popup and I want a button to switch it to show the popup

What kind do button do you want to show the pop up?

a normal button. I know how to get the button to start the popup, but the popup options get me confused. Well, the call to action options do

If you want it to continue the dialogue, place another pop up, and add a wire connecting them from first pop up to the second
primary call to action clicked -> open popup

the call to actions run actions if you wire it to something

Call to action is what that button is. The wording is weird, but think of it as an option to have a button on the pop up.

okay, but i want to use only one popup

oh wait, max1 you got me solution

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