How to turn off art!

Recently, there is a new art tag. I hate the amount of people who ask for help with it. around one out of 3 topics are related to art. So how can I disable it? It would be good to see everything else but the art!

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why did you just put that for a reply?

please don’t disable it :frowning:

They’re disabling it because it clogs up too much of their topics.

It’s not disabling for everyone, just for this one person.

oh good. thanks for the info

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but how do I do it is the question.

If you click it, then you will only see help topics. it is also here:
Screenshot 2024-05-15 11.51.03 AM

i want to see everything but art, not just one thing

Go to preferences and then to tracking. Then, you need to go to categories and put Art in the muted section. This will produce this:

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