How to track the last player’s name

So I’m making a battle royale, and I want to make it so that at the end of the game, it says the name of the last person standing. How do I do that?

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Would every other player be a spectator, on another team, have an item…? If so, relay (all for option 1, all on the last person standings team for option 2) → checker (optional, check for item if option 3). → trigger [get Triggering players name] . Then use an end game widget.

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That did not work, instead it just says the name of the person who died first

Is the last player alive on their own team now?

No it’s set to free for all

well maybe add a counter that is set to how many players there are and its target is 1 and when it reaches it goes to a notification triggering players name

I already did that, and it has the same problem where it just says the name of the first person who died.

well is it decrementing?

and maybe a trigger that has code that triggers on triggering player?