How to tie someone to a chair (in gimkit creative ofc)

Okay, so the best kinds of games this idea would work in would be a Tag game or a Knock-Out-Your-Friend kind of game. However, you can use it in any kind of game, really, as long as it involves a teleporter. In this guide, I’ll use a Tag game as an example because it’s easier than the Knock-Out-Your-Friend game but if you want, I can make a guide for that too.

  • Terrain - Floor
  • Wooden Chair
  • Alien Plant
  • Speed Modifier
  • Tag Zone
  • Zone
  1. Set down a Tag zone and make it a certain part of the map; not the whole thing. It should look like this:
  2. Assuming a player is tagged in the said zone, you would want to set a wire that teleports them to a different area. (Make sure the teleporter is hidden In-game).
  3. Add terrain and place a chair beneath the teleporter. Make sure that the Teleporter is above the chair but below the player.
  4. Fiddle with an alien plant until its set horizontally and big enough to cover the player and (most of) the chair. Set it to the above layer.
  5. Now take a zone and a speed modifier. Configure the speed to 0. Run a wire from the zone to the Speed Modifier and make it so that when the player enters the zone, their speed will be set to 0.

    Then, put the zone over the chair, alien plant, and teleporter.
  6. If you want to make it easier and not have to worry about wires and whatnot, you can use channels. Type something in the channel like “PLAYER IN ZONE.”
    Then, in the speed modifier’s channels, set it so that when the player enters zone, a signal will be sent on channel “PLAYER IN ZONE” to the Speed Modifier. It should then configure the player’s speed to 0.
    You could do something similar with the tag zone and teleporter, if you wanted to.

If you felt like being meaner to your players (like me >:)) you could set it so when the player is teleported to the zone, they are given a popup that says something like “Prepare to be tickled.” or something…Idk. Haven’t really fiddled around with that much. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this guide, and I hope it was helpful. :smiley: Tell me if I need to add anything-


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Also, nice guide.

Thanks- it took me a while to make lol

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Good guide!!!

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what… where did the PREPARE TO BE TICKLED come from?

I suggest adding the trap tag.

sweet guide! i like how you went in depth on all the steps

"prepare to be tickled.‘’ I- i have no words.

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nice guide and you could also put barriers around the chair so no one can save you. add some props for “wires” and you get an electric chair

also firefly, that’s a charge of soliciting to and inciting a kidnap (iirc you get a total of 40 years in the slammer, but you’re special so you get to serve it tied to a chair)


Lol yea that’s probably smart- If you wanted too you could also make the terrain around the chair wall terrain; I used floor so I could get to the chair easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Okie! I’ll look into it

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WOW this is excellent and a great idea! Maybe remove the “mwuahahaha” in the title for clarification?


“Prepare to be tickled.” or something…Idk.





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You can delete the zone in your guide an just wire the speed modifier directly to the teleporter to save memory

O wow great guide!

Probably vines are tickly.
NOW lets get on topic.

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The bumps have kidnapped me and tied me to a chair. Help!

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