How to teleport back to where you were teleported to when there are multiple teleporters

is there any way to make it so whenever you use a teleporter to teleport, you always get teleported back to the same place when you use the teleporter again? even when there are multiple different teleporters that teleport you to the same place.

Can you say in a different way? I’m a bit confused.

Isn’t that how teleporters work?

(Teleporter) Player Teleported Here --> (Teleporter) Teleport player here

yes just place two teleporters, ones channel names t1 and the sencond named t2. Then place them where you wish ad have the settings say-“telport to"t2” Get teleported from to here “t1”. Thats is on t1’s settings. And do the same for t2, just bacwards so “telport to"t1” Get teleported from to here"t2". Let me know if this is what you are asking.

Yeah, they just worded it weirdly, but i understood it.

Make one teleporter be in a group called hub. This is where they start. Make it have a target group of destination. Make another teleporter that’s in a group called destination and has a target group of hub. You can copy and paste however many of the destination group you want, as long as they are in the same area.

@WolfTechnology could you possibly help me make that system, its seems a bit complicated for me. its for my roblox doors map, and i want to make it where i dot have to make one hiding spot for each closet, because that takes up a lot of space.

Sure, can you send me a code on the wix? under code sharing.

wix is blocked for me, however i have an idea.

wait here

You can try on the padlet. Canva is blocked for me so i can’t use that.

the reason i tried canva is because padlet is blocked for me. so this really sucks…

maybe google docs will work

it should just sign you in if you do nothing.

I did and its restricted, im on a school pc right now so i can’t mind if you email it to me then?

im the dsmith email, it is sent.

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@Doge1 can you grant me the ability to edit? its in perrmissions.

i already did lol. at least i think.

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