How to take items from a player then return them on command

Just a quick unorganized guide for @Car189
(Could work with exact numbers of items such as 97 bait if you use block code. Shouldn’t be too hard)

Place these devices

Property Settings

Inventory Item Manager Settings

No changes to trigger. The trigger is just how you activate the system. You can choose to have it activated by being stepped on, by wire, or by channel.

Checker Settings

1st Item Granter Settings

2nd Item Granter Settings

Trigger Wire
Triggered → Run Check

Short Checker Wire
Check Passes → Grant Item

Long Checker Wire
Check Fails → Grant Item

To make it account for more items duplicate the whole thing except the trigger and change the settings and properties to match the new item.

The problem with this simple solution is if you have 100 bait, you will only receive back the amount you set the item granter to grant. This system bests works with gadgets and consumables since you never have many of them!

If you need help just ask! :grinning:


This could be useful… :thinking:

Couldn’t they just make their own guide? Just asking?

But yes, this is a pretty useful guide

they needed the guide to make something

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Forgot how to put invisible text

I think it’s these <> To do the characters thing

If elaborated on. Isn’t too useful in its current state

Wait, you use a property without blocks? Couldn’t you use a counter? (I don’t understand.)

the property is updated through the inventory item manager

Didn’t work…

Like this:


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<Insert random text here!>
remove the !

You can’t have any symbols or numbers

sdfasdfsdfas - works
sdfadfsdf! - no work
sdfasdfsf23 - no work

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wont work if theres
! or ?

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nice guide! @Zane7655

Thanks, took a solid 5 minutes lol


great job! an actually useful guide for once!