How to Simulate "Armor"

oh sorry, I thought it wasn’t showing up.

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Nice wip!
Hope you finish it.

You can’t “eat” space.
Matter cannot be created nor destroyed.
The universe is constantly expanding every second faster than the speed of light itself.
Nothing travels at the speed of light, as how much so can anything travel as fast as the universe expands.
WhoAmI doesn’t control space and time, he IS the space and time.



I’m not eating him. I’m just stopping him from locking all my targets away

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could one of you set my animation guide to a wiki so that I can get unlimited editing time? I will be working on it for a long time adding new animations and tips as I go along.

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Regulars can only make their post a wiki.

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Oh, sorry, someone told me on my post regulars could make anyone’s post a wiki.

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Cool guide! Casually reading thru all the hidden details…


If only there was a system that could sense someone taking damage

Building a base on @Blizzy 's mountain. Shhhh. Dont tell her i’m there.


That would be nice… But at least we can choose the amount of ammo the player starts with first…

Breaks base

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then we could create actual armor systems

Ack! Blizzy’s here! Gotta run!


Yeah. After a certain amount of damage… The Armor: Crrrrrk

Traps @Pika_Pokemon in Earth pocket, @Pika_Pokemon is unable to get out. Weakness: Grou d.

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Basically if a system senses damage, a health granter would grant the amount of armor, which would result in an overall reduction in armor

Heehee. I escaped successfully. I guess @Blizzy failed to notice her “captive” is a plush toy.

Nah. I noticed. I’m just doing stuff to your plush so I can get practice.
Yeah. If they had that system, it would waste SO MUCH less memory…
And I gtg for the night…
I’ll finish this guide sometime! And DO NOT edit it!


i need to find a butter sword

maybe a game overlay senses when your armor gets low and then it warns u?

I might make it so that every time you dies, it tells you how many times you can die before it breaks…

I’ve butter-proofed myself, @Pika_Pokemon. I shapeshift into another animal every meeting.
And covered myself with ice

that should be an automatic yes lol

@Blizzy, have I been missing DOD meetings?


Click on the link in my profile, that’s the DOD meeting place…


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