How to share my concept art with the community?

Will the creators of gimkit see this? I really wanted to share my ideas.

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They won’t see it on here, post it on or email them at

there is a gimkit feedback page, you could post it there, here is the link,

Those stickers and characters are cool

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also, welcome to the community @LuckyMinus1 !

Go to the nolt, WIX, or Discord section called art. That or email, and welcome to the community @LuckyMinus1!

Hey @Doge1 ,
It just might be a coincidence, but I think you might go to my school
Ok, back on topic now

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Thanks. I worked hard on them

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its stupid I know but rules are rules…

please don’t say that, it is not allowed, and might get flagged.

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I released this on the feedback forums. Upvote if you would like to

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Also, I need an idea for my next concept. Pls anyone have any???

Check ur other post
I commented

I saw it. I’m working on a Nintendo switch gim


There is something I would like to see made, but it might be hard to create, maybe an axolotl gim. I would definitely upvote that! also i will check it out, my username has gimkit in it hehe.

NIIIIICEEEEE that’s cool

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Hey, @LuckyMinus1 , please mark a solution to close this, as it is solved.

Do a Phoenix Wright Gim plz!!!