How to set the score to Height

Like in normal don’t look down, how would I make the score your height?

We cannot at the moment.

Welcome to the forums, @fool! Enjoy your time! Sorry to say, but I don’t think that is possible yet.

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welcome to the forums @fool

You can, but it would take up all of your memory.

Welcome to the forums @fool!
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Yeah, there’s been no way to set height as a score yet.
When it does, it’ll be super nice.
You can use zones linked to counters to update a property, which would be the Height.
Otherwise, that’d take all day and there’s no logical or way yet.

You can grant items at certain heights, and use the score that keeps track of items. It is hard to measure the height well though.

The closest thing to it is having a waypoint at the top, or a coordinate system, but the latter takes up a lot of memory, and the former isn’t that good…

By the way, welcome!

I really don’t like setting items equivalent to property values.
They’re confusing but can be efficient.
I’ve had to do the same before, but the concept is really only good with checkers.

Yeah, I don’t understand why we can’t just set the score to height though. That is the score for both platforming games(by Gimkit).

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It’s probably hard to set it to height, as in adding the option, since you have to be able to track every “unit” or “meter” or “block” as the player falls and jumps. Since it needs to be updated pretty much every second, I believe that it will be a while until they add it to Gimkit Creative. Right now, we have to just wait. Theoretically, they will have to have a zone/trigger built in to track every block. As Gimkit Creative Platforming so far can go very, very high, it would take much time to be able to build that and import it into the GKC modes. So, I feel like people should stop just asking about “how to make height the score.” Seriously! There are so many questions about this already! Just be patient, and it’ll come, sooner or later!


believe it or not but I actually saw someone do it in in a game and I literally shocked like it was probably the guy who made Minecraft in scratch

You could, but 2 problems.

  1. It’s a really really low quality tracker
  2. Can’t show on leaderboard

zones vertically up and down till your entire map’s covered from top to bottom. Waypoints at the top of each zone. Deactivate waypoint when player leaves zone, and activate when it enters.

you mean griffpatch?

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yes that’s the man lol

I actually use his ideas to make my own on scratch