How to set spawn to (0,0)

I’m BACK baby!

Ever get mad how (0,0) is not the spawn coordinates, and instead they’re (320,320)? Well, this is the guide for you as this guide will teach you how to put (0,0) anywhere!

Devices you'll need
  • 1x Player Coordinates Device
  • 2x Properties
  • 1x Trigger

Step 1

Place down your Player Coordinates device and configure it to the settings below.


(Names of properties and channels are completely your choice.)

Step 2

Make the Properties that correspond to the names you chose for the Player Coordinates device. Configure them to these options below.


Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 1.26.31 PM

Step 3

Place down the Trigger, and set it to the settings and blocks below. This trigger will update the property and change the actual coordinates

Trigger Settings

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 1.43.29 PM
Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 1.43.47 PM

Trigger Blocks

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 1.45.55 PM


I hope this helped in some way, because honestly, I have no idea what this would be used for.



This is in no way “technical”. Also, I don’t see the benefit of this. You even said that you have no idea how this would be used. At least it’s detailed I guess. All in all, this is just “How to use the coordinates device with properties. Oh, but it’s subtracted by 320.”


Well, you wouldn’t have to subtract it by 320 anymore with this guide!


You don’t have to delete the guide since you spent time and work on it. Just keep in mind for the future.
Beagles, you misunderstood what I said.

No, it’s fine, it’s not useful.

But it is useful! I think your guides are unlike other guides! Not everyone is gonna need it but that is like all guides! Sometime in the future, I bet that someone is gonna need this guide!

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I’ll figure out something else more actually useful and maybe include this in the guide as well.

I do believe that this guide should stay.


Why’s that?

I agree with @WhoAmI. This is absolutely useful, especially for math stuff.
And it’s not even that short!


It could be useful to some person out there ig…
But I was sharing my personal thoughts.


It’s not like I was there to destroy the guide, Beagles.

I apologize for my actions and I realize that what I’ve said could be viewed as hurtful. I should’ve worded it differently, so as to make it more appropriate for a community setting.
-------- @RumblinLeech.

Another edit: @Beagles I was going to apologize before you posted but i had to eat lunch. I’d say your advice was good. nvm ill stop

Maybe someone will see this guide and it inspires them to make something CRAZY! Also, every guide teaches someone out there something about GKC every guide is important!
Note: I can’t add a heart because I’m out. Wait look at that! :heart:

I already responded 3 times so I cannot do it again. I want to say though! Let’s put this to rest. Don’t want a great guide like this flagged, do we?


I’ll try to work with/find something more significant another time.

Just like a p-value less than 0.05, this guide is significant!!!


First off, usages. Like you stated, the spawn coordinates in the game are 320, 320, which could make things annoying. For example, if you were making a minecraft game, you would want it to be accurate, meaning you wouldn’t want to spawn at 320, 320, but instead at 0,0. Some people may not be able to figure this out by themselves. Many of the guides on here are much more niche than your guide anyways.


I see this now. It’s just that @RumblinLeech’s immediate (not really constructive) criticism didn’t make me feel so great about what I did.


Yeah, it’s a good guide!
@RumblinLeech definitely should have given things you could have done better, rather than just dissing what you had.

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I know. But let me tell you they have put their criticism all over the place! Not all people are good at constructive criticism though. (Not an excuse though!) I myself have found some criticism that is constructive I viewed as just rude, but then I let it go because nobody knows more about this topic/art project than you!


@RumblinLeech I think you should view this as a learning moment. I think you could be good at helping people improve on guides and helping them, but right now you’re just a bit harsh. Try to always add things that were good about someone’s guide!
Edit: Am I that good at giving advice?!?!


I know now that you don’t have any replies left. I was wondering if you were going to reply. Now I did not think I was coming off as if this was “THE END OF THE WORLD!”. This is important but we all mess up, and we have to learn somewhere! I believe sometime soon you will be a great critic! Good luck @RumblinLeech!