How to set defult settings in map

is there a way you can set it so there is defult settings so you dont have to change them everytime you enter your map. so you dont have to change your camra zoom or speed every time you enter the editor?

Sadly, the devs have not added this yet. There is a possibility with gimhook to set defaults, but you have download something for that.

Thanks a lot that really helped me

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You can’t do that without going to the map settings and maually changing it every time you j0in a creative map. And camera zoom out is not a thing, you can post a suggestion on the nolt.

Camera zoom is a thing lol. Its just how far you’re zoomed in.

I recomend you reread what i said. Zoom OUT, not in.

You can also zoom out as well.

No like zoom out far in a game, not while editing, you can only zoom in.

I recommend you reread what javasharp said.

Oh, well then yeah you can.

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