How to set cooldown on items

Once again, working on among us in gimkit trying to find out if you can set cooldown on items before the game starts. Like the actual among us.

Shouldn’t this be in Community Made Guides ?

Lifecycle -> Wire Repeater -> Activate overlay
You can set the wire repeater to a certain team, team 2

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You want a Game Overlay with a cooldown button?

Connect the Game Overlay to a Trigger or Wire Repeater and connect it back to it.

(Game Overlay) Button Pressed —> (Wire Repeater) Repeat Wire Pulse

(Wire Repeater) Wire Pulse Repeated —> (Game Overlay Hide Overlay

(Game Overlay) Button Pressed —> (Trigger) Trigger

(Trigger) Triggered —> (Game Overlay) Show Overlay

do you mean a kill cd?
is that what you meant?

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no, this is a question

I’m using a quantum portal as a tool to kill for imposters but I want it to be a long kill cooldown and a kill cooldown before the game starts.

Okay, now I get it. Basically, you would use what @max1 put above.

Then you’d connect the Overlay to Remove the Quantum Portal and use the post above for the Kill CD.

Configure trigger for the CD delay to your liking.
Also, wouldn’t a Tag Zone work better?

How would I setup a tag zone?

Use this

(Go to the killing part)

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