How to send a notification multiple times, but only for the amount of Items a player has

This is probably easy but it just keeps slipping out of my mind. I want to make it so when they click a button it sends a notification for how many seeds they have.

Just to be clear: you want a player to be notified the number of times equal to how many seeds they have, not a notification that contains how many seeds they have, right?
Either is possible.

yes, but it could also be that notification, but I don’t see how I could change the notification text or having like a billion notifications.

But you could say either way.

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Correct me if I’m wrong. You can plug the amount of seeds into a property called seeds or something. Then click on the Notification device => Blocks.

I’m better because I have PICTURES. Yeah that’s right.
Finished product.

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Item manager updates the seeds property.
Seeds property is set to player scope and is a numbers property.
Here is the notification blocks. These blocks will also ensure that it won’t say “You have 1 seeds.”

Also make sure that there is a space after “You have " and a space before " seed.” and " seeds."


Thank you @some_kid, I think I’m getting to understand blocks, but for some reason, this wont work. I have no clue why. I you would explain it that would be nice.

Is it a numbers property?
What happens when you try to use it?

I will check but since their is nothing in the notification besides the wire and the blocks it does not do anything, also it is coming off a call to action popup I don’t know if that changes anything. It is a numbers property.

The blocks are the thing that sends the notification. Is the popup connected via a wire to the notification (call to action clicked → run wire pulse block) or is it on channels? If it is done with channels, change the block so it runs when it receives on the channel.

It is connected with a wire so when pressed it sends notification and the blocks are hooked to the wire pulse.

There’s your problem. The wire has to run wire pulse block, not send notification.

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Thank you so much, this has solved the problem!

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