How to sell all your items?

I have a game where u mine ores and u get seeds but idk how to sell them all at once instead of multiple times

“Go to the “Stock” setting for the vending machine and set it to 1.
You can do it by scrolling through the device settings tab.”

quoted from haiasi.

wait so it would sell them all at once?

i think so, you might want to test it.

I did and it doesn’t work…

then thats a no, Try this You could have it trigger a channel that connects to the item granter and a barrier activates with the same channel that gave you the item. There might be a setting in the machine

so its a selling station but i need to sell all of the stuff and i used vending machines to sell and 1 button to connect to all of them

but that won’t really work, you can have the amount of items it takes from you increase but you cant just sell a random number. which makes it sort of what you want but not at the same time.

This topic has people posting guides on how to do it with one no blocks guide