How to Score Teams Differently

Say you have 2 teams: A human team and a zombie team. The humans have to activate as many reactors as they can before the time runs out, and the zombies have to knock out as many humans as they can. Well, you can’t score both teams on the same thing! Knockouts are easier to get than reactors activated, so we have to use weights for each team.

A few terms before starting:

  • Raw Score:
    This is like the amount of knockouts that the zombies got, or for the humans, the amount of reactors activated. To show why this matters, imagine that you take 2 tests, one on addition, and one on calculus. If you get a 5/10 on both, the 5/10 on calculus is worth more than the 5/10 for addition. The weighted score (see below) aims to make the 2 scores comparable, so the computer can say that you did well on the calculus test but not well at all on the addition test.

  • Weighted Score:
    This is just the raw score, but multiplied by a weight. The weight is not the same for both teams. The weight makes the raw score of both teams comparable. So the zombies get 10 knockouts, and the humans only get 3 reactors. However, getting one reactor is a huge struggle, so the weight for the humans is 5, and now the numbers would read that the humans won, 15-10, numbers adjusted for difficulty of getting the score.

First, in the Map Options > Score section of the settings, make the leaderboard not be shown. (It just decreases the overall aesthetic of the end). After this, make a few game widgets.



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