How to save on Devices

Vending Machine Save

Apparently, you need a checker, making it more memory than the vending machine, so don’t use a button. Use something like a prop, when prop destroyed, grant itemJust use the negative sign to subtract. When the button pressed, subtract if it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work, no harm, no foul. If it does work, then you can use another item granter to grant the item. It’ll save you about 15 memory. If you want to use all the fancy functions of the vending machines like stock and funding, there is no point in you to continue reading. Since it has stock, funding, and a few other functions the item granters don’t have, this is just a suggestion. Another alternative is the crafting table. It’s basically the same as the vending machine. It’s only more memory efficient when you have multiple vending machines as the crafting table and recipes take more memory then a single vending machine, but in the long run, might save you some memory.

Triggers and Wire Repeaters

People (not everyone), often use triggers like in wires to set a delay and what not. If all you’re doing is wiring it to a trigger and wiring it to another device, just use the wire repeater as you can save on memory and it also has a delay.


Lifecycles are a commonly used device and are pretty memory efficient. But if you want to use the function when player knocked out or when player knocks out, just use the KOM (Knockout Manager) as it takes less memory and has more settings.


Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)

That’s all for this topic, and I hope you learned something. Until next time and happy gimkitting!

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It’s nice

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too late to take that back but noice guide

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that button+checker+item granter+negative item granter method actually takes up more memory (vending machine is 125, and that system is 50+3 x 35, which is 155 memory)


I think vending machines are good for things like a popup shop


i was just thinking that
and for the crafting table, you need at least 3 recipes for it to be less memory than that many vending machines

i guess i don’t disagree with this too much tho

also, could a regular please move this to Devices? it is absolutely not a guide.
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a crafting table is literally a popup shop


But a crafting table can’t be activated by pressing a button, a popup, or vending machine, can.


wait, I don’t think you need a checker (just woke up :yawning_face:)


you do so you can detect if the player has enough stuff to purchase it

but that method is 30 memory more


then again, you don’t need a button. it could just be randomly in the game like when you do something, it gets purchased.


no matter what else is used to trigger it, it’s still going to be more memory than a vending machine.

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prop destroyed.
again, I don’t think we need a checker.

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I’m just gonna say… (the repeater all over again, ugh!) that maybe it would be easier for beginners to understand. The redundant devices all have a purpose. I think that it is for teaching beginners.

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like I said, it’s not completely useless, as it still has some cool features. I’m just saying not to use it all the time


I know. I’m just saying my side of it, but I’m not trying to say that your opinion is wrong. It is very much valid. Other methods will work.


Nice wip, although I suggest you add some headers, images (I know you’re working on this), and dividers to make it easier to read.


Example Section

Blah, blah, blah… vending machines are bad and such.


Image description


In conclusion, vending machines are bad.


Just use the vending machine bro.

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dude how do u use it without a checker