How to press button that deactivates all the other

Hi I made a voting center but how do I make it that ALL the buttons can’t be pressed, once you press one

Button Pressed → Deactivate button.

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Channels are possible :PP but wires I would think are more simple

For EggNoodle


When the button is pressed, broadcast on channel deactivateButtons or something (set in settings). Then make it so every button deactivates on that same channel.

Wires make it so more tedious…

Buttt wouldn’t that only deactivate one… and I did do that wouldn’t it also cancel it out for everyone? If I put it for all the buttons?

No cause you connect multiple wires, and make the button player

Also true, if you are accustomed to using wires, then it isn’t so much of a chore

Channels in my opinion might be easier. When button pressed, transmit on channel “Voting-Button-Pressed”.

ALL the buttons should have: Deactivate button when receiving on “Voting-Button-Pressed”

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Oh wait maybe if I put it only for the “Player” it’d work, I’m gonna try :PP

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Granted since you have 5 buttons wires would be a lot, so you should probably try to use the channels. However if you have 2-3 buttons then wires aren’t so bad~

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Yeah, you gotta set the scope to player. Forgot about that.


Thx for all the help :33


or… you can just put all the buttons on the same channel for deactivation and activation. Oh, and set the scope to player. Be sure to mark a solution!


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