How to penalize cheaters and troll them while doing it

One day, I was playing GKC with my friend, and I had a couple of hidden buttons around the map that only I knew about, yet my friend found them all in less than 30 seconds. I knew he had to be cheating, but instead of banning him from the lobby, I decided to expose him and have a little fun while doing it. So without further ado, here is one way that I thought of to expose cheaters and have a little fun while doing it.

If you have played CoD (Call of Duty), or know something about it, especially Warzone, then you probably know about the bounty system. For those that don’t, the bounty system is a system where you have three levels of threats. These threats fill up as you get eliminations. If all three are filled, you are the next bounty and other players can pick up a bounty contract to find you and claim the bounty. This is the same thing but for cheaters, and it shows everyone on the entire map you are playing on.
All you will need are as follows:

  • 1 Waypoint
  • 1 Button, not visible to players
  • 1 Item granter
  • 1 Cheater

So here I am on my map and I have a button with super OP abilities that isn’t visible to players. And I am going to swap the buttons, moving the OP one inside the building and the cheater’s button where the OP button used to be like so:

The button on the left is the OP button and the right one is the fake OP one for reference.

And I forgot, but the settings for the cheater’s button should look like this:

Now for the fun part, open the waypoint and change the settings so that it tracks the location of the player and starts following the triggering player when received on the channel, the name can be whatever you want it to be. Your settings should look like this:

Next, connect the button to the waypoint so that when the button is pressed it starts following the player. Now since this is supposed to be an “OP” upgrade, add an item granter and make it grant them a common zapper. Now wire it so that the button pressed => grants the item. Once that is done you should have something that looks like this:

Now you are done! Once the cheater presses it, they will have the “OP” Upgrade and have zero idea that they have been called a cheater in front of the entire lobby, while the entire lobby can see that they are a cheater.

I also realized this, but in step 3 when wiring, you don’t want to wire the button to the waypoint, you want to connect it via channels and not wires.


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Nice guide! This is a cool idea…


Nice guide, @I_Am_Bigfoot
I guess this is related to traps, but not? I could add it, but not… You decide…


Well, theoretically I suppose that it could indeed be a trap, however, a trap is something that catches someone physically. Think of it like a bear trap or a mousetrap. Although mine does catch people…off guard that is.


Cool Guide. Love it.
(I can’t wait to use this as a trick.)



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what is a non-cheater presses the button, because a non-cheater can still find it

Because up to a point, when 50% of all a users posts are bumps, it’s get annoying.


While that is true, Cheaters will most likely be using hacks, and can see the button before anyone else.

But what if are there are no cheaters in the game? And a normal rule-following player clicks it?

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Bruh Imagine you just find a button and you press it thinking it will help you in the game and the next second everyone is hunting you LOL


Haha you said duty!
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Screenshot 2024-02-29 182835

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While I admit that I did not think about that possibility, this can still be used as a troll, because everyone will think the player is an offending cheater, and thus take negative action against them.

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Nice guide…

…I love this. I love this and I lo ve you for making this

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I can’t believe I never thought about this, That is a good guide.

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It is, I agree. Is this in blizzy’s troll guide?

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