How to open doors with items (Difficulty: 2/10 🟩)

This is my vault. I want to make it so that only people with a Blue
keycard can access the vault. If you want to make something like this too, read this guide!

  1. Place down a barrier as a door. You can customize the appearance of it as much as you like.
  2. Set the properties of the barrier to this.
  3. Add a button next to the door. Make sure it has a good hitbox.
  4. Set these as the properties of the button. The button message can be anything you want.

  5. Place a checker next to the button.
  6. Set these as the properties of the checker. The item can be anything you want. For me, I will do a Blue keycard.

  7. Wire the button (in) to the checker (out) like this.
  8. Add a popup device next to the checker.
  9. Set the properties of the popup device to this. This will appear when the player does NOT have the required item to unlock the door.
  10. Now that we have a working unlock door system via item, let’s take away the item so the player can’t keep using the same one. Add an item granter next to the popup device.
  11. Set the properties of the item granter to this. Set item to what you want to take away from the player when they unlock a door.

Now you have a locked door that can be opened with an item! Try these challenges!

Easy challenge: Replace the barrier with a prop, and make it unlockable.
Medium Challenge: Make the door need 2 items to unlock.

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noice guide but i suggest the difficulty poll goes at the end of the guide, it’s kind of like saying “subscribe to my channel and like the video” at the start of the video when the viewer hasnt been evaluated it yet.


You can also just use a vending machine. Make sure to credit these guides:


Nice! You’ve been making a lot of guides today!
You may want to start working on one massive, multi-subject guide instead of several small ones, to avoid clutter in the forums.

Be Creative,


Okay, Ill fix it! thanks!

Oh yeah, one more thing: Difficulty 4/10 is more for guides that have a good amount of block coding.

yeah but without the vending machine it looks a bit better. also, do i have to credit guides if they had the original idea even if i didn’t know those guides were there in the first place?

Well, since the guides are now in the replies, I think you’re good. Also, you can make vending machines invisible in-game.

It’s generally considered etiquette to credit someone’s guide if they’re similar.

Ok! I might try to make a 10/10 difficulty guide

Oh right, lol i guess this would be an alternative

Ok ill keep that in mind then

Oh yeah, you did an amazing job with this guide! I like how you numbered the steps and added lots of screenshots! Great job!

thanks a lot for the feedback! ill mess around with block code and it will probably be included in another guide

Just remember: length does NOT equal difficulty.
While a huge guide is daunting, a short guide can be just as difficult to understand. Take
@ClicClac’s guide on AUO (Check it out if you haven’t already BTW). Difficult guides include a lot of devices, code, concepts, etc.

Just try to keep this in mind.

Be Creative,

Very true and wise words, @Dragontamer.

Maybe check out this guide:

OK! so should i put it at a difficulty 2? i put 4 cause I thought adding a lot of devices would be more confusing for newer creaters

Yeah, I suggest you do that. This guide doesn’t really use that many devices, though.

You wanna see a guide with devices???

Of course, ___ Land and Clic-Tac-Toe.

i read that one already lol it does

btw this method might be better cause you can make it cost multiple items. I’m not sure if you can do that with vending machines though