How to Open Barriers With Specific Items

Hello, this is my first post on the forum, and I was just wondering how to make Barriers opened by purchasing it using an Item you have.

and ur pfp already giving me nightmares. and speaking from how far u r in gkc, i actually don’t know tbh. i don’t do enough with wires or devices lol

You can replace the prop with a barrier.

Or, you can use this:

@Chaosblade Try this

How to do it

Add a vending machine under the barrier, make sure its invisible then change the grant itm section to transmit on channel, and put the required item under item needed or required (forgot the exact name) also make it so its deactivates on purchase

Next step, choose channels or wires


Wire the vending machine to the barrier machine deactivated > deactivate barrier


to use channels, open the vending machine settings, and under the channel tab, machine deactivated transmit on (use a channel name of your choice) > (open barrier settings) under deactivate receiving on (then put in the channel name you used earlier).

That should work

Hi Chaosblade! Welcome to the forums!

If you want to purchase a barrier deactivation with a single item, just follow the guides in the previous posts.

If you want multiple items involved, well, use checkers!

  1. Create the barrier. Make sure it is “active on game start”, and the “player scope” is set to “player”. Make it deactivate when recieving on the channel “deactivatebarrier”

  2. Add a checker. Make it check for “item amount”. Make it check when recieving on “buybarrier”. Set the item amount to whatever you want it to be. When “check passes”, broadcast on channel “nextchecker1” and when “check fails”, broadcast on channel “checkfail”.

  3. Add another checker, following the same steps as above, except with a few small changes. Make it check when recieving on “nextchecker1”, and broadcast on channel “nextchecker2” when it passes.

  4. Add another checker, following the same steps as before, except with a few small changes (yes, i know. this is repetitive). Make it check when recieving on “nextchecker2”, and broadcast on channel “nextchecker3” when it passes.

  5. and so on. (you see the pattern? if not, ping me). continue this until you have enough checkers for each of your items. Ex: lets say you need 7 snowballs and 1 bait to open the barrier. You would need 2 checkers, with one thats checking for 7 snowballs and another checking for bait. FOR THE LAST CHECKER: set “when check passes, broadcast message on channel:” to “deactivatebarrier”

  6. place down an item granter for each of your items involved in the purchase. input how much item amount you used for the purchase. Note: all numbers must be negative! Ex: If you used 7 snowballs and 1 bait for the purchase, one item granter will grant “-7” snowballs and the other grants “-1 bait”.

  7. Make all the item granters “grant item” when recieving on “deactivatebarrier”

  8. The end! Thanks for reading! (Ping me if you have any questions)

Thanks! I already have like 20 notifications :upside_down_face::

let me know if the way i said works or not…