How To Merge Channels

This guide will show you how to merge multiple broadcasts on the same channel and show how this can be used.

First of all, we need to make something that broadcasts if one broadcast happens. That’s what a counter’s target does! So we just have a counter with a target of one and increases on the channel. But after this, to reuse it, we need to reset the counter. Add a wire repeater that gets wired from the counter and wire it back to the counter to reset it. If you anticipate a bit of delay in between, add a delay on the wire repeater. And you have the channel merger!

This can be used for a team counter, or if you don’t reset the counter, a way to limit the # of broadcasts from softlocked-popups.

Also, I won’t include pictures since it’s just a counter and a wire repeater.


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This is extremely helpful with the map I’m making, thanks. (Bump picture).

Also, is it more effiecnt to use 2 small wires, or one big wire that goes for like 25 blocks? (Lag friendly that is)