How to manually overflow an item in the inventory?

So I want to change the maximum of an item in the inventory, but the way I’m going to do it is using checkers, and seeing how much an item in the inventory has, and if there’s the maximum, I want the rest to overflow. Is there a way to overflow items without inventory item managers? The reason why I don’t want to use inventory item managers is that I’d need multiple due to needing to change the maximum. If I do use them there’d be way too many.


w/o some wizardry no.

what kind of wizardry?

block/ way to many devices.

He/she/they are right

challenge accepted.

instead I’ll just make it so u can’t collect more items :DDD

makes it easier for myself

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You go get 'em! more words

Wait yes there is a possibility. Buttttt it’s pretty stupid. Compacted versions (Have a counter count the number of times an item granting action has been performed. When actions exceed item capacity (actions x reward amount) then go through an item granted and subtract the reward amount for one grant action then reset the counter