How to make Zodiac Signs [0/10 or ⬜]

Zodiac Signs are when you’re born, you get a sign based on the month and they describe your characteristics. (supposedly)


I wasn’t stopping them from doing it but I just thought that there was a much easier way to do it than that.

Wait. Why’d the project get cancelled???

They might not have time to make them.

True but emojis are worse than actually making them. Making them looks better.


Yeah…I’m Capricorn. I was rlly exited when it would come out…

I agree, id like to see the guide finished. Plus, when you use emojis, there’s a background on it, which might be difficult to deal with if you need it for something specific. (ex::cancer:)

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I only figured because they existed and they were faster to make
I mean unless you’re into completely remaking something even tho it already exists

That’s true-but still.