How to make Zodiac Signs [0/10 or ⬜]

In this guide, I’ll show you how to make all 12 Zodiac signs.


Put an alien plant down, tint it black, and get rid of the shadow.


Get a text, put “o” in it, make the text size 100, and then put the font into Outfit.
Now, get two more texts, same font, and 65 size, and put “I” s in it.


Get 4 text devices this time. Two of them put a “(” and two of them need a “I”.
Put the "I"s in the middle upright, and put the "("s upside down.


Get a text device, write “69” and flip it over. Make sure it’s on PT Mono.

This project is cancelled


Nice guide! I might use these symbols for a rune portal to traverse to a different dimension in one of my maps. I’ll be sure to give you credit.

Also, I’m a Gemini :gemini:


Cool guide! Be sure to finish it soon!

I sound like a robot

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this is a cool guide i love it but one curiosity what does wip mean

It means Work In Progress. Also nice art guide @GimSolver!


Work In Progress

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This is noice!!! Nice job!

Awesome guide! @GimSolver

As a Leo, I’m excited for leo

why’d you put a blur on 69?
if someone doesn’t know it’ll just prompt them to look it up
btw you could just input emojis for the zodiac signs

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Are you serious right now?

IDK am i
what do you mean
like :cancer:

how do you repost a certain part of a topic?

like that how you did

highlight the post with ur cursor and it will say quote
hit that

like this
you don’t even have to quote the entire post or comment

oh thank you this will help so much

That’s true…
I guess I’ll just stop making the Zodiacs, you’re right, I forgot about that…

Don’t @Trasch don’t dis encourage other people. @GimSolver I feel like it is good to do things if you want it!


“If you have something you want to do, do it!”

— Me

I always wanted to do that! :rofl:

why is cancer sideways 69. also what are these. i really didn’t do any research.