How to make your own profile easy

First I would use Klefki for this but her is the guide so useeither your name or user and do this with it

You will put Capital letters as special ones like shown then next you can decorate I would reccomend having a theme like space and then putting gims in it like this and if you want you can copy what i did

Then you can just add gims like I said and decorate but using thing you may need to mess with and try all the blending so background does not show and the results will look something like this

If you have any questions you can ask and also I can make profiles for people just give me the name


Not sure if it has anything to do with gimkit?

Oh ya i know but it does it is for gimkit it is also for thumbnails to forgot to include that

Also i make theese if you ask because not just going to do it and also i liked oing it so it is pretty much for fun

the watermark is crazy :rofl:

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Since this is a art guide ig.
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I am not sureif it should go toart

Do you want me to move this to art?

Because this doesn’t really have anything to do with building IN GKC…

Yes please but how are you able to do that

Regulars have the permission to

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You are also able to change it if you edit the original topic

I’ll change it now.


edit it thats all i can say but it should be somewhere around here

Thank you very much for doingit