How to make your opponents can’t see you

This is the closest thing to being invisible I can think of since we don’t have invisibits
This is probably closer related to a smokebomb

First make the player that can turn invisible have a special item I’m using bait. They can buy the item in a vending machine you can use whatever you want though. Make a box prop cover the entire map make it not showing at start then have an overlay button wired to a checker. To check for the bait( item ) then if check fails show prop make the prop vision to person. Then make a wire pulse block attached to all the box/boxes with a delay of whatever you want then wire it back to the boxes to hide them. Lastly you need to make a cooldown to the button attach a wire pulse block to another one and a overlay to hide the button T he first wire pulse block has a delay of .1 the other one has a delay of whatever you want then wire it to the overlay to show button you can completely remove the second one to make it a one time use.


Maybe add pictures? That would help a lot.


My computer is a little broken so I can’t do it at the time


Ok, I understand. My first guides had NOTHING. But the code checks out, so good guide!


Great guide, and yeah, pictures would be great, but if you can’t, maybe just add paragraphs? Thanks :slight_smile:


Let’s just pray Gimkit adds Invisabits…


It won’t, invisibits are an item. The actual device is the player modifcation device, that’s how you can change skins in snowy survival when you’re cursed. If they added it, players could get any skin or cosmetic they wanted.

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