How to make your houses in an RPG or story map look better. Diff: 2/10 or 🟩

So, you have your map all planned out. Now, it’s time to decorate!


Most people will either use medieval or futuristic theming, as Gimkit has the most props in those categories.

For this guide, we’ll use a medieval theme, but it’s really up to you!


Now, let’s plan what our main building will be. Make sure to make it big enough, but now to big that you have too much room.

As you can see, I made mine a funnel shape. This is so much bigger stuff can go in the back.

(My favorite wall to use in medieval builds is dark scraps, but its up to you!)


Pick a handful of props that fit your theme and fill in empty spaces! Want it to be a tavern? Add some tables! A house? A bed and a desk with some ink and paper on it! The possibilitys are endless!


Never feel like your area has to be full. Sometimes its better to have room to walk around.

Everything you put down doesn’t have to have a use. Loosen up, have fun, and let your creative vision fly!

Use food emojis for some extra flair

After a bit of prop magic…


Fit it to your needs, yata yata. Have fun decorating and happy gimming!

-EG <3

I have no idea how to make full guides so if this sucked please tell me.

EDIT: I found some really cool guides


This is great! I like the theme and props!


This is nice! Good job!


Nice First Guide! Really Great Job! :grinning:


Isn’t this guide kind of art -y?

Yeah. I’ll add that tag just in case.

Great guide! But, RPG’s aren’t based off of houses though, if your title says how to make your map better your saying that you can help people with their entire RPG map, although your just decorating an RPG house

so maybe change up the title a little bit?
(just an opinion, no offense)


I don’t think its their first guide

also art is usually :white_large_square: I don’t think this should be rated 4/10

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Maybe you should remove the rpg tag?


I don’t feel like this guide is just art, it still has some different elements. Plus, not all art is relatively easy. I’ll still lower the rating down tho.

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well, art is usually either 0/10 or 1/10, since anything higher includes wires, block code, channels, properties, and all that

but I guess it doesn’t really matter, its your guide

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what is ARG???

alternate reality game?

what does that mean?

Auto correct. An ARG is an internet puzzle solving series with some irl elements to make a story, i must have typed it so much my computer has gotten used to it :melting_face:.

It’s really interesting, I recommend checking it out if you want more info.

I’m gonna stop before i get flagged for off topic :sweat_smile:.