How to make working Barbed Wire

Take this for instance.
When you go in a laser and it is on, you take damage. if you move out and back in again you take damage.
Take @Pika_Pokemon’s post for example:

is zis even related?

But if you move, you take damage! That is what the repeating lasers are for!

Put the laser hooked up to a trigger clock with .5 seconds or less. (because repeaters are redundant)

It will constantly turn on and off doing cumulative damage

9s could work, you could have the tails stick outwards for barbs.

i know how 2 do zat.

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you trying to criticize my barbed wire

Well you realize this guide is very old and at that moment never knew I could

:slightly_frowning_face: sorry i did this.

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Have the trigger set to trigger on channel 'insert channel' and then when triggered, broadcast on channel 'insert channel' make sure the channels are the same, then set the trigger delay to 0.5. The trigger will trigger itself over and over, with intervals of 0.5

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I said i know how 2 do that.
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I know how that trigger mechanism works.
if recieve on x, brodcast on x.

Oh, sorry, I thought you said you didn’t know.

Bumped and split my leg in half. but luckily it regenerated like a lizard and no jam came out of it

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