How to make where if you run out of energy you can answer questions remotely

So here is the thing when I start the game it goes normally but as soon as run out of energy I can’t move and I can’t walk back to the questioner because I have no energy so how do I make it where I answer questions from my inventory like in No way out


not being able to answer questions since there is no button

Connect the questioner to a game overlay, and set it to button.


Place down a game overlay, make it a button.

Wire the overlay to the questioner, “Buttion pressed → Open questioner”.


A little off-topic, but should I make a guide for question difficulties?

It seems like an ok idea.

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I connected the to a game overlay, and set it to button.And it did not work

Make sure you put text in the text area.

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There is a setting where if you run out of energy it will sent a signal so get a questionaire and there is a setting that just opens it upon getting a signal connect the two and you have something that will work

But if you close the questionnaire you will be stuck there regardless. Also, welcome to the forum!

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make it so you can’t close it by changing a setting in questionaire also i am not aids he was somebody else i am ads

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