How to make where if you enter a zone you respawn there when you die

I am making a map where is like dead space but I need help making my it

try using a force respawn and use when player enters zone command and make it to force respawn channel

Add a lifecycle to listen for when knocked out to be wired to a trigger(make sure it isn’t active on game start and that it is active when the player recieves a message on a channel from the zone ). Set the delay time for the trigger to 0.1 seconds and then wire it to a teleporter and set it like this: Triggered ----> Teleport player here. And done!! Please mark a solution!

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Player enters zone > Respawn Player
When Player Knocked out > Trigger (2sec)
Triggered > Teleport player here
(Use this guide to make sure the player doesn’t get stuck in a respawn chain)

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