How to make timer

Things needed

x1 counter
x1 life cycle
x1 repeater

Email me with any questions

How to do it

Have your set up somewhat like this…
Wire your life cycle to your repeater

It depends if you are setting the timer to decrement, or Incement.
If your doing it Dec, it should look like this…
btw set your wire from your repeater to your counter…

Is it done? If not, add the wip tag

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Question: Why do we have to email through that instead of just posting questions here? That is what the forums are for.

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I won’t be online for 3-days next week so I will get your emails, but I won’t get notified on what’s going on in here.

IS THAT A…REPEATER!!! :face_vomiting:


What is the matter with that?

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There are already multiple guides on this…

So, should I delete it?

I would just wait for more people to give their ideas/opinions about it.

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nice guide!

Thanks! :wink:

Well, there not something special about this guide and there’s multiple guides on this…and this is kinda short…

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Well because it’s easy.

This just seems incomplete
and always check to see if it exists especially when its a simple system

ahhh couldn’t resist coming back

shdwy gonna be mad…



he made the guide to stop using repeaters

use triggers that trigger themselves with a delay

repeater but w/ less memory

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Ok, thanks.

Nice guide!
Just saying though…

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I never left…did i miss something?