How to make the ultimate battle royale game ending device using channels instead of wires!

So, I made a battle royale game and looked at so many guides on how to create a game ending device that ends the game at one player. After learning lots of things from the community, I figured it out my own way. It only let me do 1 picture, so it’s a little rough, but please try your best to follow along.

First, you’re gonna need 2 lifecycles, a counter, a checker, a repeater, an end game, a property device, and a zone.
You’ll then want to take your zone and make it when player enter zone, transmit on _______________.

Then, increment counter when receiving on that channel.

Next, you’ll want to create a number property and call it “Players”. Have the counter update that property, like this.

Then, you’ll want one of your lifecycles to be set up to when player knocked out, transmit ____________ on channel. You’ll then have the counter decrement when receiving on that channel.

After that, take your lifecycle and have it listen for game start and then transmit ____________ on channel. Have your repeater with these settings receive on that channel.

After that have your checker with one unique check, to receive on the repeater’s channel, and when the check passes to broadcast _____________ on channel. Then have it to check the value of a property and the property is “Players” and to compare it equal to 1.

Finally, take your end game device and have it receive on the channel the checker transmits when the check passes.

This is my first guide and post on the community so please give me some feedback on what I can do better and hope I explained everything well enough. Also, thx and credit to @getrithekd and @potato1 for the inspiration and ideas.

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Hmm interesting first guide.
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Nice first guide!

It doesn’t use block code, so that’s definitely cool! Only thing is people will tell you to credit the other guides, (cause they were there first, and I don’t believe that, I already made one block code less, but who cares lol)

Thx guys I’ll do that when I get the spare time in school

Interesting first guide, better yet first post! Welcome to the forums @DUUDE !

Heh dont see many users first post be a guide. Well welcome to the forum and cool guide!


Wait what did I do?

Sorry bout that I looked at yours when I was trying to figure it out and it didn’t work but you still gave me some ideas so I’m giving u credit

Glad to know that I helped you out!