How to make the tagger win

I am making a tag game and I’m trying to make it so that when the tagger has tagged everyone the game will end with the tagger winning any ideas on how to do that?

Add a counter, increment per player that enters the zone(for all the map that is) and then have the counter be decremented by 1 everytime someone is tagged with wires from the tag device and in the end wire the counter to a end game device. Make sure it’s for target value. I’ll give more details later.


make a player counter, you can find many guides on that. Now make it so that there is another number property called players tagged linked to a counter. Now make a wire from the tag zone to the counter player tags – increment counter. Place down a trigger and in the blocks make it so that if players tagged = players do broadcast on channel “end game”. Now make a end game device receiving on end game.

how do I find the code, “if players tagged”? nvm I found it

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If it worked make sure to mark solution

I am unable to wire the tag zone and the counter. Nvm…again

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