How to Make the Host INVINCIBLE (To one-shots!) (Difficulty 1/10, or 🟦 )

People have said: “You can’t be invincible to one-shots!”
Get unimpossibled
Go to map options. Click health and shield and set shield to 400 and shield percentage to 25 (100 default shield for the non-host players). Now, place a lifecycle and wire it to a health Granter that grants 200 shield. Also wire the lifecycle to start an 0.5 second interval repeater. Wire the repeater to the health Granter and grant health when the repeater runs task.
This will give the 5000 shield which is more than a quantum portal shot.
The 25% shield gives other players 100 shield.
Only the host will be invincible as game start lifecycles only effect the host.


Nice guide! Maybe add a way to limit other players’ shield?

uh you cant set shield to 2%

and the max in the health granter is 200 even if it is set on shield


I fixed it. Happy now?

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lol sorrry

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Bump. dump lump thump trump wait what

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But what if you had a one shotting laser?

what do you mean @WhoAmI?

I think it would ko them as the health giver thing would not be able to catch up with the laser, its max going up to 100000 damage

I think he means a laser at its max power, one hundred thousand. Could it KO the host

One time I had a laser that did the max damage, and I had as many health granters as possible, granting their max health and shield. The laser won.

yeah, just set the laser to have enough health to kill a person but not the host

OR if you know the host’s name, then you could have them (and only them) be given insane health regeneration.

No, this guide makes the host only have it.

and if you set laser damage to 200 you could kill players but not host

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