How To Make The Great Wall Of China | Difficulty:⬜ (0/10)

This was probably flagged because people won’t really use the great wall of China, idk.
It’s still standing so it’s fine.

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yeah… its weird, I made a guide on bypassing the shield can limit in GKC and someone said that it was off-topic… twice

well… its technically not copying. She/he said that she/he was inspired by your guide…
and your guide was WAY different…

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Thanks for crediting my guide @I_Like_Props! :slight_smile: :star_struck:

im egyption but i LOVE asain culture.


it was spam because it was basically way too easy as like 99% percent of all the players in gimkit could make this even a noob like this guy after like 5 minutes of figuring out wires… and not to mention the art guide flaggers that really dont like some random art topics and since the original one i think was deleted i dont think jeff is going to restore it…

(i couldnt quote the quote so i just copied and pasted from edit panel)
i specifically told you guys why peeps would flag it as spam ..
now gawds stop complaining about it .

I’m a she, thanks.
It said it in my bio but it got deleted…

that only works in discord you have to copy the actual emoji in

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you could use it and try to get away with it…

i’m chinese and have been to the wall


is this really :yellow_square:?
also why was this flagged?

This is flagged? I see it clear as day! :partly_sunny:

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I don’t know, that’s what most people said.
Edit: Very easy and easy are tied…


@I_Like_Props usually art guides are 0/10 :white_large_square: or 1/10 :blue_square: only frozen curser’s art guides are :yellow_square:

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I used this guide (📢 PSA!) Emoji Colour Difficulty Guide
But are there ones that are used more?

yeah that is kinda outdated now
this is my understanding
red and purple are pretty much the same
0/10 or :white_large_square: is for most art guides
1/10 or :blue_square: is for more complicated art guides or extremely simple systems
2-3/10 or :green_square: is for simple systems like getting energy through an overlay
4-5/10 or :yellow_square: is for more complicated systems or insane art guides like the train one
6-7/10 or :orange_square: is for pretty hard things that most people will struggle with
8/10 or :red_square: is mainly for the insane things such as calculators or board games
9/10 or :purple_square: is mainly for the insane things such as calculators or board games
10-11/10 or :black_large_square: is for the even more insane things like a keyboard

Oh, okay. Thanks! Would mine be 0 or 1/10?

0/10 probably

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Oh, I use window emojis (haha, windows doesn’t even have a window emoji). I use the shortcut win+period (or you could right-click). It really just depends on the type of device you use. Like the Chromebook shortcut is search+space+shift or something. :slight_smile:

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Oooo, nice! :smile: