How To Make The Great Wall Of China | Difficulty:⬜ (0/10)

This guide will teach you how to make the Great Wall Of China using Gimkit Creative (obvs). There are two options, 3-d and 2-d. I’m going to teach you how to do both! Let’s start.

Step 1

First, place down some sort of old-ish terrain, like dungeon floor, stone, or cracked oak. Remember, the Great Wall was built from a LOT of different materials as it was made over time, so some of the parts can be varied.

For 3d place it like this:

Make sure the parts that are the flourishes are wall terrain.

For 2d place it like this:

In my opinion, 3d looks better, but 2d is always an option.

Step 2

To make the lookout towers/shaded area, use the same terrain you used, and put it like this:

Step 3

Add 2 columns on each side like this:

Step 4

Place down a barrier, set it to alpha 0.70, tint it black/gray, and ensure there is no border. Then, place it like this:

Making the shaded area able to go inside
Step 1

Place down triggers and a teleporter, and wire them so that triggered → teleport player here

Step 2

Create an area and move the teleporter there. This will be your inside space.

Step 3

Add details like benches, fountains, and plants.

The fountain I added is inspired by @x.mochi’s.


-Quests (Add lore and random things on it)
-Exploration (Just for finding smth)
-Themed map (Time travel, etc)
-Educational map abt China (Include facts along the way)
-Travel across the world map
-Travel through Asia map
-Just a fun thing to do when you’re bored
Though there aren’t millions of uses, it still has some.

Another tip: Make sure to vary the places where the shade posts are, and where the quests/lore are. And remember to make it lengthy, because it is the longest wall in history!

This is a wip - I’m (probably) going to add more

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That’s it! Thanks for reading my guide and leave a like if you, well, liked it!

P.S. Before people come and say “Somebody already made this guide” I was inspired by that guide, but our ideas/steps are VERY different.


This is a great guide! complex terrain art, AND device functions! luv it! GREAT JOB! keep up the good work!

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also do they have yellow-ish bricks? the great wall has those

The closest thing to that is probably

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Ooooh! This guide is amazing! :smiley:
Okay, mainly because I’m Chinese, but I’d never have considered making the Great Wall of China if I hadn’t seen this guide! :heart:

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Btw you know how in all of your guides you include emojis on your steps, how do you do that?!? I tried to and it just did this :emoji:

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nice guide
And who flagged this??

no one, (i think) they flagged the other one, (it was way to short and didn’t have any details)

Art guides are easy, so either make them REALLY cool, or REALLY complicated, (or both!)

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This was probably flagged because people won’t really use the great wall of China, idk.
It’s still standing so it’s fine.

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yeah… its weird, I made a guide on bypassing the shield can limit in GKC and someone said that it was off-topic… twice

well… its technically not copying. She/he said that she/he was inspired by your guide…
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Thanks for crediting my guide @I_Like_Props! :slight_smile: :star_struck:

im egyption but i LOVE asain culture.


it was spam because it was basically way too easy as like 99% percent of all the players in gimkit could make this even a noob like this guy after like 5 minutes of figuring out wires… and not to mention the art guide flaggers that really dont like some random art topics and since the original one i think was deleted i dont think jeff is going to restore it…

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i’m chinese and have been to the wall