How to make the funniest trap for your friends!

Do you like to make your friends suffer? Yes? No? Well, it doesn’t really matter, because this trap can definetly make your friends mad.
Step 1: Make a simple room and place a button and a spawn pad
Step 2: Make sure the settings of the button are these:

Step 3: Make sure the settings of the spawn pad are these:

Step 4: Place a teleporter somewhere else on the map
Step 5: Put at least 6 sentries around the teleporter, like this:
Step 6: The “Featured” and “Channels” sections of the teleporter should look like this:
Step 7: All the sentries should have these settings:

(You can choose any appearance you want, I chose the Chompz Costume)
Note: make sure the in the Map Settings, that the health and shield is less than 1000 combined

Well done! You have made one of the most annoying traps anyone could build (there might be better ones, it’s just my opinion). Now you can invite your friends and troll them with this game. In just a press of a button, you get absolutely obliterated.

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not to be mean but

you didn’t have to do this.

Nice guide.

You could try making it so the sentries have the chompz costume, but they also have names (would be obvious).

Cool guide!
I liked how u made a remake involving a button instead of a zone. This makes it more manual!
Nvm, i know how.

but there is an immunity timer which keeps u immune for a set amount of time…

You can use this trap at the end of the game, like an “End Game” button. You can also make sure there are no checkpoints, to the person that presses it, dies, and goes back to the start.