How to make the D3ath egg from Sonic the hedgehog 2

I made a guide based on this guide that was never finished

first thing you want is a barrier

then you want to make the barrier a circle
Screenshot 2024-05-21 6.23.27 PM
and make it grey
Screenshot 2024-05-21 6.23.48 PM
then you make it decently large

then you make a smaller circle barrier
Screenshot 2024-05-21 6.24.42 PM
then duplicate it and make them not transparent and in front of the big circle you just made
and then make three rectangle barriers and angle them to make it look like a mustache till it looks something like this

then if you want you can make some finishing touches

and then you are done! its really short and simple but looks really good :smiley:

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u jst made a help topic on this
and in the picture u showed within that topic had way more detail
and yes
this is very short
and it might get flagged due to lack of need? plus i dont think people would think this is needed as a whole guide

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It looks great, but you should put the barriers a max opacity, and take away the borders.

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please dont necropost ._.

I didn’t make that help topic! that was someone else!

Looks good!

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what does necropost mean?

oh im sorry i didnt realize o_o
also necropost means not to post on a post that was made a long time ago. unless it is like a guide
for example:
a help topic was made 6 months ago and the last reply was 5 months ago.
but then someone makes a post on it. that is necroposting
n3cro like reviving (like a necromancer)
and posting as like yea. posting lol

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at the time when I made it I thought it was new so that’s kinda my fault for not checking.

it’s fine
u joined 4 days ago
mistakes are a process of learning!!

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and with the picture thing that picture in that help topic was actually from Sonic generations not sonic 2 it would look something like this in sonic 2

Thank you! This is EXACTLY what I need for my Sonic-themed game. I’ll just add a few more details if that’s okay.

it is very much okay! glad I could help :grin:

I needed this for my sonic themed game, so ur wrong.

When making an art guide there are many things to consider
1.Are people gonna use this a lot in general; does this have a good use? For this guide this would be a no.
2.Does the guide show what tints, size, props, etc to use? For this guide this would be a yes

Constructive Criticism:
The death egg doesn’t look so descriptive
Try making the barriers equal on each side to balance out the face
The mustache looks really different from the picture reference, maybe try making it look more like the real one?
In the future I recommend avoiding art guides like this since people mostly won’t use a Deat egg in their maps.