How to make the Cod perk machine widow's wine (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

This one is a more difficult one to make than my other ones in my opinion

Step 1.
Get a 3D printer, and make it black
Step 2.
Copy it 2 times
Step 3.
Get a metal pole and place it like this
Step 4.
Add the feet
Step 5.
Add a box, make it grey, and then add 3 red basketballs to it
Step 7.
Add 2 command tables, dye them grey, and add white text that says widow’s wine
Step 8.
Get a basketball, dye it black, and get a spider emoji in the middle
Now time for the hard part
Step 9.
Add 3 black signs and three metal poles in the middle, and attach them to the body
Step 10.
Finally, Copy it and flip it to attach it to the other side

And now your done, This one was a doozy to build, sorry that it does not have the top web part, I am not building that part, I hope you enjoy!


Wow! That’s pretty good! I think this may be your best one yet!

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I agree, though phd flopper is second!

Nice! :heart_decoration: This will be my version of the purple heart, because I run out of likes too.