How to make the Among Us lobby (difficulty 0/10 or ⬜)

hey were is my hat i tried the basketball thing but the button dosn’t show the hide prop when receiving on it doesn’t show that

Please don’t post stuff about Help on Community Made Guides like this.

Also, have you looked over the guide again? You could ask this question there because I didn’t create the guide I just linked it.


ok sorry but it did not work so what should i do

wire it, it should say, hide or show prop. It will not work if you have not made the prop unvisable in its settings.

wire it to the button or the hoop

The prop.

The button. The guide says to use channels, though.

so the basketball i think


what do i wire it to the basketball to the hoop or the basketball to the button

Wire the button, to the prop.

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The prop is the basketball

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THE basketball thing did not work

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I’ve messaged them with gmail asking for it to be unlocked, as it’s something I’ve spent a long time on.

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I like this very much!

here is mine I made before

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