How to make the agent of the month board from tag


This guide is made assuming you understand blocks. See this guide about blocks if you don’t understand how they work: [ :scroll: ] The Ultimate Guide to Blocks!

What you will need: 1 Blackboard, 2 blackboard legs, 3 text devices, and one zone.
Step 1: Place down the blackboard and blackboard legs so they look like this:
Screenshot 2024-04-22 5.23.29 PM

Step 2: Add three text devices on the blackboard, the first should say: Agent of the month, the second should be blank, and the third should say: Keep up the good work!

Step 3: Add a zone next to the blackboard, and make it so when: Player enters zone- transmit on: agent of the month
Screenshot 2024-04-22 5.31.30 PM

Step 4: Go to the empty text devices on the blackboard and start a block. The block should say "when receiving on channel: agent of the month on it and should look like this:
Screenshot 2024-04-22 5.34.30 PM

Step 5: Enjoy your creation in-game
Screenshot 2024-04-22 5.36.59 PM

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good guide. gybuuhndjiwchbgvyfbhjn

An eggtastic guide!

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New word for my vocabulary: eggtastic :fried_egg: :egg:


uhh i always thought th agen to f the month was randomd

For extra characters put lowercase letters in <> @Mikey
Also noice guide @1234567


in tag it is the game host, but I could not find a block for that

I mean, look at my name…

you can use a lifecycle or a relay.

For this ^ right here where the word “blocks” is, I would link this guide [ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Blocks!

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AUGGG i just realized this was for tag.

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noice! idk if the tag thing was like this though, but i have to get working on my ecosystems project that’s worth like, 100% of my science grade and im 2 weeks behind on

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hmm, this is an altogether decent tutorial

but this help post was already answered… maybe credit this person who solved it?

To make it randomized, I think a relay on random player broadcasts on a channel, which has:

Set Text
Create Text With
"Agent Of The Month"
Triggering Player's Name

So a random player’s name will be set up.

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wait, what? I figured the agent of the month on my own (not to brag or anything)

Nice guide, I can see how this would be usefull!

(Dang it i can’t believe that THEY got agent of the month, dispite ME traveling to different multiverses to save them from the BANANA GOD!!!)

I know, it’s just if someone already made it, its more of a showcase, not a guide.

thanks, @Cellofive! I added a link to the guide.

oh… ok… That makes more sense.