How to make sure the game ends when a player has a number of a certain item?

I’ve seen a few topics on this, but none of them have been resolved. I’m trying to make sure that the game either ends with one team (which only is one person) knocking out the other team (which is everyone else) or with the bigger team reaching a goal of 10000000 cash. I’ve been trying but don’t know what to do.

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Make a checker that checks for the amount of cash you want, and when the check passes end game

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I’ve heard that those are buggy, right?

just make the checker check for more than one less of your goal so every number higher will also count

Let me try that. Give me a second.

Make sure it checks constantly.

yeah, make a repeater out of triggers so it checks constantly

The lifecycle is set for game start. the triggers just trigger each other. the checker checks for item amount. Item cash-greater than 999999. check passes end game.

you can set the cash amount to whatever you want. I just used 1 million

Checkers are super useful! Nice that this got solved!

Never mind. I just tried it and it did not work

Oh, :frowning_face: I thought that would work. Have you checked the Community Made Guides section for a solution?

Use an inventory item manager, and change the settings so when a player has # items (for example 5 snowballs), it triggers. Connect it to a game end and you end the game when you have that amount of items.

Would a repeater, a lifecycle, and a checker work too? I will try this thjough.

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