How to make specific requirements for pressing a button?

I’m making a puzzle-like game, where a puzzle requires the player to go find a computer around the map and interact with it (Hidden Button), but I can’t seem to disable the button for players that haven’t done the previous puzzles. I made the puzzle completion a property on the leaderboard, and I tried using the activation/deactivation mechanics to my advantage using a checker to check if the player has a specific amount of the property. But it just doesn’t work, it either lets the player press it even though they didn’t meet the requirements or even if the player meets the requirements it doesn’t let them press it at all via the button not being able to be pressed at the start of the game being on.

Make everything player scoped. (Change scope to player)

Try to disbale screen saver in knockout that should work.

Doesn’t work I went to all my devices and did player scope, is there anything in specific I should do? Like should I wire it, make a channel for activate button and deactivating button?

Wdym? My creative doesn’t include knockouts as the score, and I can’t find a setting that reads ‘screen saver.’

You could make it so that every time a player completes a challenge, they get an item, then put a barrier around the button. Wire a checker to both the barrier and a zone around the entire setup, and have the checker check to see if the player has the required amount of items to deactivate the barrier.

Screenshot 2024-05-18 4.39.14 PM


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