How to make sentries move

Im tryna make Seek Chase from Roblox Doors and I want Seek to be a sentry and be able to chase you so how do i do that

Sentries can’t move yet sadly, but you can use animations to make them look like they move. (there are tons of guides on how to do animations.)

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it’s not memory efficient though, but just use animation

:neutral_face: i wanted my sentry to move and chase people

sadly thats impossible to do in gkc. could you maybe use a player instead? it might be easier.

You could use zones to make the sentry appear to be moving because they activate when you enter the zone.


Zone (Player enters zone) -------------> Sentry (Appear)
Zone (Player leaves zone) ----------> (Sentry Disappear)

I see
But how do i move the sentry

(If possible) if not I’ll figure it out on my one with something called creativity

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It makes it seem like moving, but you can’t actually move it, that’s the best I have to offer, sorry.

that’s really tragic.

You could look at my pacman guide in the bit about the ghosts. That’s similar to what you want to do

if you still dont know how to make it work, I can send you a screen shot of how

the thing I only think about is making a sentry disapear and reappear behind the player but that will take tons of memory

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yeah, too many memory

to move it you would require a placement of a new sentry hidden until you walk into a zone. But that would take up all of you memory very quickly. Just being honest there really is no efficient way to move a sentry. But to do it you can use a zone form of animation.wouldn’t animat it its way to much memeory.

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