How to make sentries move

Im tryna make Seek Chase from Roblox Doors and I want Seek to be a sentry and be able to chase you so how do i do that

Sentries can’t move yet sadly, but you can use animations to make them look like they move. (there are tons of guides on how to do animations.)

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it’s not memory efficient though, but just use animation

:neutral_face: i wanted my sentry to move and chase people

sadly thats impossible to do in gkc. could you maybe use a player instead? it might be easier.

You could use zones to make the sentry appear to be moving because they activate when you enter the zone.


Zone (Player enters zone) -------------> Sentry (Appear)
Zone (Player leaves zone) ----------> (Sentry Disappear)

I see
But how do i move the sentry

(If possible) if not I’ll figure it out on my one with something called creativity

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It makes it seem like moving, but you can’t actually move it, that’s the best I have to offer, sorry.

that’s really tragic.

You could look at my pacman guide in the bit about the ghosts. That’s similar to what you want to do