How to Make Semi-Solid Platforms (Platformer Mode)


Platforming just came out and it has everything we asked for and more…except, unlike games like Mario, there are no semi-solid platforms! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, semi-solids are thin platforms that you can walk on normally but also jump through from below. Now let’s get building!


Design you semi-solid using a thin prop (recommended, larger props can be used to with caution) like the metal poles, wooden poles, logs, etc. It might be helpful to set your grid snap to 8. The layer it is on is your choice.


Device List

  • Zone
  • Barrier
  • Wire Repeater
    Memory Usage - 325

Place a zone underneath you semi-solid. No settings need changed. The zone can never be too big but it definitely can be too small!

Place a wire repeater off too the side so its not blocking your view. Set the delay to 0.35 seconds (can be adjusted if necessary).

Place a barrier about the size of your semi-solid (if using a large prop, just set it the size you want the physical platform to be). In the appearance tab of your barrier, set Visible In-Game to No and in the availability tab set Scope to Player.


Connect a wire from the zone to the barrier. The settings should be as follows:
Player enters zone → Deactivate barrier

Connect a wire from the wire repeater to the barrier. The settings should be as follows:
When the wire repeater receives a pulse… → Activate Barrier

Finally, connect a wire from the zone to the wire repeater. The settings should be as follows:
Player leaves zone → When the wire repeater receives a pulse…

Your semi-solid platform is now finished! :grinning: Test it and make sure it works. If it doesn’t, double check your work.

THANK YOU FOR READING! This is my first guide so feel free to give instructive-criticism!


Heya… this is pretty cool.

Skimming through, it seems pretty good, and this is unique too. I’ll add the platformer tag, as this is related with platforming.

Nice guide overall! :smiley:

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Cant wait for platformer to be free, I’m using this guaranteed

OH!! this is soo cool! I don’t have platformer but still: Really COOL! platformer games usually have this function, great job making it!

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Great first guide! Nothing really wrong, code checks out, and is overall a nice guide. I can see very great things sprouting from you!

Nice guide @Zane7655!

Great guide @Zane7655! I can picture it now: players jumping out from underneath, but when they come back down, they actually land!
One suggestion:

Maybe you meant to have “Player leaves zone” in the picture. I could be mistaken, though. Caused some confusion when I was actually trying to test it. Good job, though!

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I think your right! I’ll make the change when i get the chance

Out of editing time and forgot to make a change!
I made an error in the final image in which the zone wire setting should be Player leaves zone

By the way I already made a guide on this 2 days before you made this one but I’ll let it slide because this is your first guide and you used a different method.Just remember that in the future search before you post.

GREAT guide I love it :grinning:

I did search. However, I searched it by its actual term - Semi-solids

more platformer games need this…