How to make seconds survived the SlimJim way (1/10 or 🟦)

There have been some guides on how to do this before but none of them did it my way. This is a really simple version of the seconds survived. I originally used this for my Piranhas VS Minnows game so I hope you like it!

Leaderboard settings

First you want to go into map settings and then go to score. Put in the following settings:

Device settings

After you do that you need to place down a lifecycle (make sure it says the event is game start) and wire it to a trigger and make sure it isn’t visible in the game. Wire the trigger to a wire repeater (allow any team) with a 1.00 delay, then wire the wire repeater back to the trigger. Then wire the wire repeater to a relay with the team you want to have seconds survived. ( Receives a pulse ------> Trigger relay.) Then you want to wire the relay to a counter with the following settings:
seconds survived counter settings
(Make sure the counter isn’t visible in the game and the count scope needs to be player. After you do that then place down a property device with the following settings:

After that you are all set! Here is a picture of what it should look like:

And there you are! Let me know in the comments section if I forgot something or if something doesn’t work. Please like this guide!Thank you for reading! I am new to the forum (this is my second day) so I am still figuring out how to post stuff but I figured I know a lot about gimkit so I could help a lot of people.


cool guide!! good job on it!

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nice guide!

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Thank you! As you can see I made it 1/10 because it won if you’re wondering where the voting went. (Sorry for the delay, like I said this is my second day and I hit the top number of posts and comments until 11:30 (when I made my account) so I am sending this now, sorry for the delay)

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Nice guide, @SlimJim58!

Thanks @BananaBunny, I had seen stuff that looked really hard so I decided to make a simple one. Thanks!

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