How to make questionare tab in bottom corner?

I dont understand how to make a questionare-like bar at the bottom of your screen, like you see in Tag and other gamemodes, for getting energy without using a questionare. Can someone help?

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Take an overlay, set it to a button, and then hook it up to a questionaire. When pressed, open interface.

  1. And a overlay device to your game and set the overlay type to button. Also make sure that its position is at the bottom left.
  2. Add the text for it to be something like “Answer Questions”(or whatever you want it to say).
  3. Add a questioner to the game and add a wire from the overlay device and to the questioner.
  4. Set the wire as button pressed, open question answering screen.

Hope this makes sense.

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Looks like you beat me to the answer XD.

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I have another question. How can I hide the questionare once i got the overlay?

It seems you cannot sadly, but maybe you can place it somewhere very far away from the map and leave it there. This may later be implemented to gimkit creative.

Oh ok thanks for your help!

No problem.

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Just set your speed to x3 and put it really far away,

I know i’ve asked a lot of questions, but is there a way to hide the border outlines for the tag zones? if not, is there a way i can create a notification to tell the players playing about it, as it kinda looks like a laser?

I looked at it and found no way possible to do this, sadly.

how do i make a flag waypoint work
i looked at other posts and followed the directions, but they dont work

  1. Add a waypoint and set its target to “Flag” and then chose the color of the flag you want it to locate.
  2. Set Active on game start to “No”. Then go to channels and activate it when the flag is captured(the flag should send the channel “activate waypoint”[or whatever you want it to say]).
  3. Then deactivate it when the flag has reached the opponents side(add a zone to send a message to the channel you chose to deactivate the waypoint[make sure it only send the message if the player holding the flag reaches that side]). (I sadly don’t know how to check when a player reaches their side with the flag).

Hope this makes sense and works.

im sorry, but it didn’t seem to work

@VALUEX if you didn’t type 20 characters you press enter and then add asterisks (doesn’t show in post)