How to make props on top of sentrys

When I am in creative the sentry is behind the props but when I play it is in front of the props.

Layers are buggy. Just try to go into the layers (next to eraser) and move the prop above the sentry label

I did do that but it still does not work

Screenshot 2023-12-14 9.37.09 AM

well…layers are really buggy…just keep trying…

Can I make the sentry invisible but still active?

you can’t make it invisible…

ok I guess I will scratch the idea of a boss with props on top :frowning:

no, your just having layering problems, try moving the sentry to the absolute bottom layer and move the props to the top layer

if you go onto the three dots next to sentry then press “below layer” that might work if not move the props to a layer above such as “neutral layer” ( I think thats what its called but its the middle layer) or " above layer" that works for me.

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