How to make Popups appear for all people

Right now, I’m making a game where you have to choose your class, so to do that, I made a popup appear at the beginning of the game so players can choose their class. However, it only appears for one person and not all. How do I make it so that the popup will appear for everyone?


Create a trigger that triggers when you want the popup to show. Connect the trigger to a relay set to “All Players”. Then, connect the relay to the popup.

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set it so that the notification goes to all players, on the notification setting

I’m using a popup, not a notification, @LittleMidget

Transmissions should be sent to all players unless set to only activate for certain groups, so you can use a transmission sent at the start of a game (for example, one sent by using the Lifecycle device and setting it to send a message upon starting the game) to activate a popup for all players who receive the message - because it’s sent to all players, the popup should appear for everyone.

whats the difference?

Late answer (ik they’re banned so this is mostly for people who might be wondering) A pop-up is like those case files you may find in One Way Out, the documents in the cabinets in Tag Domination, etc. They basically obstruct the whole screen. Notifications are like the little messages you get when someone unlocks a teleporter in One Way Out. It only takes up a small part of a corner.